Engagement Rings

Engagement Rings

Every woman longs for the day one of the best engagement rings is slipped onto her finger, by her “prince charming”. It’s an inherent desire that has been passed down from generation to generation. From generations past, engagement rings have played an integral role in many a women’s happiness. Yours is no different. She too has an insatiable longing to have a dazzling stone decorating her finger as a testimony of your love for her.

Engagement Rings (Top 50 Engagement Rings To Buy)

Don’t keep her waiting, be her knight in shining armor. Go on that all important quest that will transform her life (and hand). Step up and be a man. Go forth into the world of glamorous engagement rings and bring her one befitting the queen of your castle.

I know you are ready to take you relationship to the next level. Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this article. You’ve probably mulled it over a gazillion times, visualizing the way you will pop the question. You have even seen her expression of joy and heard her shrieks of joy as you present her with the best engagement she has ever seen.

Don’t just dream about it, it’s time to take action.

The Significance of An Engagement Ring

Now that you’ve been together this long, it’s time to take the relationship to the next level. An engagement ring is in order. Not just any engagement ring mind you, it has to be one of the best engagement rings your fiancée has ever set her eyes on.

But why an engagement ring? Why is it so significant?

A Symbol Of Your Love.

True, love is not materialistic but it does need a worthy token to better express it. This is why you need to invest in an engagement ring that will make her giddy with love every time she looks at it.

A Sign Of Your Commitment.

Nothing says “I’m completely committed to you” than a well selected engagement ring. In today’s world where commitment is hard to find, your commitment in sifting through gazillions of engagement rings goes a long way in giving your lady that much needed security.

A Promise Of Happy Ever After.

Engagement rings are an unspoken promise of happily ever after. Though she may not say it out loud, your fiancée dreams of that unspoken promise. Why not make that dream a reality for the one you love. Don’t worry if you have no idea where to start, we are here to help you do just that.

Bragging Rights

Yes I just said that. Bragging rights. We all need something to be proud of in life. An achievement, a new car, promotion and yes, an engagement ring. Not just an engagement ring mind you, but the mother of all engagement rings. Well, it may not necessarily be the mother of all engagement rings but, a good quality engagement ring is something to brag about.

So you see my friend, the issue of engagement rings is not some trivial fantasy of immature girls. It is a very important part in the life of not only the woman, but the man who loves her as well.

It is actually a rite of passage for both.

What You Need To Know Before Buying An Engagement Ring

picking the right engagement ring for your fiancée is unlike picking apples at the grocery store. With the apples, you can see and feel their quality. With engagement rings, look and feel are far from being adequate. I know it sounds like rocket science but don’t worry, it’s as easy as ABC. Wait, no, when it comes to diamonds it’s as easy as “CCCC”.

Confused? Let me explain the four “C’s” of determining diamond quality.


This is the most important “C” as it determines the way a diamond will sparkle. The way a diamond is cut determines the way light will bounce off it. No matter how good the carat weight, colour or clarity of a diamond, if it is not properly cut it will become dull.


Strange as it may seem, in “diamond world”, the less color a diamond has, the higher the grade. When we talk of a diamonds “color”, it is actually the lack of it we will be referring to.

A diamond’s color is graded from D-Z with D being completely colorless while grades K-Z have noticeable color. This means on the color scale, “D” is the highest grade while grades “K-Z” are on the lower end of the spectrum.


The majority of diamonds have miniscule imperfections called inclusions. These are what determine a diamonds clarity. The less visible and the fewer inclusions, the more “clear” a diamond is said to be. Because these inclusions are often times too small to see with the naked eye, diamond clarity is the least important factor in determining quality.


Contrary to popular belief, carat does not refer to the size of the diamond but its weight. When it comes to buying a diamond, cut and carat are the most important factors to consider. A poorly cut high carat diamond can actually look smaller than a well cut smaller diamond.

An important tip when buying an engagement ring is to “buy shy”. This means buying a carat weight slightly below the whole or half carat marks. In other words, instead of buying a 1 carat diamond, you can buy a 0.9 carat diamond. It will be considerably cheaper yet the difference in size will not be noticed.

The Price Factor: “How Much Should I Spend?”

Many an engagement ring shopper has been caught in the debate on how much is too much or too little to spend on a diamond ring. Traditionally, a man should save 3 months salary to buy an engagement ring. This shows the importance of this rite of passage. Though this is not a principle that is cast in stone, it does point us in the right direction.

Your budget is best determined by you and your circumstances.

But my rule of thumb is: buy an engagement ring that will make you feel the pinch when you buy it. This ensures that you purchase the best quality you possibly can. This is important because an engagement ring is something your lady will live with forever. It has to be of good quality to last that long.

Always consider an engagement ring as an investment. it’s an investment both financially and sentimentally. It certainly is worth it.

Now that we’ve cleared that out of the way, let us look at the best engagement rings and their styles.

10 Best Settings For Engagement Rings

Engagement rings come in all shapes, colors and sizes. Other come in a single color, others in dual or multiple colors. As if the selection is not complicated enough, you will find other engagement rings with one stone while others have many stones. Finding one that your beloved will love can be a daunting task. To make the choice easier, it’s better you familiarise yourself with the different “settings” that rings come in.

If you are not familiar with ring lingo, a setting simply means the style of the band that the gem is set in. I will briefly walk you through the best 10 engagement ring settings and hopefully, you will find one that meets your fancy (and hers, after all, we doing all this for her).

Before we delve deep into rings and their settings, it’s imperative that I mention that some rings are a combination of different settings, though the foundational setting will be the dominant one.

Ready to look at those engagement rings? Good, let’s get started.

Split Shank Setting

Split Shank engagement rings are a stunning selection of rings that feature a band that splits at the top so as to provide the gem with a secure place to nestle. Symbolic of a warm embrace between lovers, this type of engagement ring is a favorite among many. The gap between the bands makes the ring look larger (and more expensive) than it really is. The split bands are can either be decorated with many smaller stones, thereby adding to the rings sparkle, or they can be left plain.

Interested in some Splint Shank engagement rings? Let’s look at a few that will surely add a sparkle to your relationship.

1. 3.42 CTW Contemporary Double Row Split Shank Engagement Ring w/ 3.02 Ct GIA Certified Marquise Cut F Color SI1 Clarity Center

Engagement Rings - 1. 3.42 CTW Contemporary Double Row Split Shank Engagement Ring w/ 3.02 Ct GIA Certified Marquise Cut F Color SI1 Clarity Center


Elegance. That’s the one word that can be used to describe this beauty.

This 3.02 carat diamond with SI1 clarity couldn’t have found a better home than being placed in this diamond encrusted split shank setting. Its perpendicular position gives it that striking look that can only be compared to a star streaking through the night sky. The split pave (yes, that’s a real word. Keep reading and I will explain it to you) bands give the ring an expensive yet sophisticated look that place this ring among the top contenders for top position.

2. 1.3 CTW Eternity Love Criss Cross Twisting Split Shank Diamond Engagement Ring w/ 1.01 Ct GIA Certified Cushion Cut F Color SI1 Clarity Center

Engagement Rings - 1.3 CTW Eternity Love Criss Cross Twisting Split Shank Diamond Engagement Ring w/ 1.01 Ct GIA Certified Cushion Cut F Color SI1 Clarity Center


The split bands in this engagement ring make it glaringly obvious. The twisted design adds an enchanting appeal to this 1.01 carat ring that will certainly cast a spell on your princess. With the main center piece further accentuated by the accompanying smaller stones set in the bands, this ring is sheer brilliance.

The cleverly twisted bands make this simple 1 carat stone look like a higher grade diamond. If you are looking for a ring that will give you value for money, without breaking the bank, this is it.

3. 1.40 ct tw Round Brilliant Split Shank Halo Engagement Ring 14K Gold (G,VS)

Engagement Rings - 1.40 ct tw Round Brilliant Split Shank Halo Engagement Ring 14K Gold (G,VS)


On the hunt for a “knock ‘em dead” ring? This is it. With a gorgeous 1.4 carat diamond set in a combination of split shank and halo settings, this one will certainly do the job. Accompanied by other smaller but equally eye catching stones, this engagement ring is a sure sign of commitment.

This is a brilliant piece of jewellery that she definitely will appreciate.

Cluster Setting

Cluster engagement rings are those with many stones clustered together. These may be small gems clustered around a single larger stone or many same sized stones clustered together. The smaller stones are usually lower in carat weight. The main advantage of clustered engagement rings is the way the group of stones make the ring appear bigger and more expensive. The extra sparkle also gives the ring a greater appeal.

Let’s explore a few clusters, who knows, you might just get attached to one.

4. 14kt White Gold Womens Princess Diamond Cluster Bridal Wedding Engagement Ring 5.00 Cttw

Engagement Rings - 14kt White Gold Womens Princess Diamond Cluster Bridal Wedding Engagement Ring 5.00 Cttw


Talk about breath taking. This gorgeous ring showcases the skill needed in making eye catching engagement rings. Engineered to perfection, this band looks futuristic and classy at the same time. If your girlfriend has modern taste, this ring will definitely sweep her off her feet.

Notice how the top cluster looks like one big stone while the smaller “paved” stones enhance the bewitching power of this ring.

5. 14kt White Gold Womens Round Diamond Cluster Bridal Wedding Engagement Ring Band Set 7.00 Cttw

This cluster set in a 14 carat white gold split band is the epitome of clustered engagement rings. It’s splendor is beyond words and any woman would be proud to have this ring dangling on her finger. If you are looking to make a statement, this ring will speak volumes, with the centre cluster drawing all the attention.

6. 3 Ct White Natural Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring in 14k Solid Gold

Of all engagement rings, this is the one that seamlessly marries stones to metal. The stones are sophisticatedly arranged to give the ring an elegant yet flashy look. The power of clusters is seen in the way the individual stones reflect each others light, making the cluster look like one brilliant stone. If I may say so, this is on of the best engagement rings of all time.

7. 1.84 Ct White Natural Diamond Cluster Enhancer Bridal Engagement Ring Set in 14k Solid Gold

A central stone surrounded by other equally sparkling stones, this ring exudes charm. The radiant 14 carat backdrop speaks of exquisiteness that can’t be ignored. Everyone who sets eyes on this sparkler will easily fall for its charm. For the woman who is simple yet has good taste, this is the ring of choice. Very few engagement rings can have a simple and yet alluring charm that can match this 1.84 carat dazzler.

This is expertly crafted purity.

8. 2.90 ct Round Cut Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring in Platinum

There is no better way to surprise a lady than to go down on one knee and present her with a diamond flower. If roses touch a woman’s heart, this rose shaped engagement ring will reach deep down to her soul. Immaculately arranged, the stones come alive in a mystic way that tugs at the soul. Best beware, you might get tempted to keep this gem for yourself due to its hypnotic radiance. With the band encrusted in glittering dark fire, this ring possesses some wizardry that will assuredly make her yours. Forever.

Vintage Setting

Vintage set engagement rings are so called because they borrow designs from past eras such as the Victorian. Their tale tell signs are the intricate milgrain and filigree features.

Milgrain is a way of giving a ring the vintage look by embellishing tiny metal balls into the sides of the band and the crown of the ring.

Filigree is a style of soldering metal beads or threads (usually twisted) onto the surface of the ring.

For ladies who are inclined to historical or classical tastes, this type of ring will be a memorable gift.

Do let’s take a trip down the corridors of history and get your girlfriend an impeccable engagement ring that will make her feel as classy and sophisticated as the vintage engagement rings you are about to see.

9. (0.71ct) Platinum Diamond Antique Style Milgrain Engagement Ring Setting

The day King Henry proposed to his first wife, he must have engaged her with this peerless piece. Reeking of royalty and affluence, this engagement ring has a tendency to drive women crazy. Delicate looking yet inciting excitement, this 0.71 carat milgrain, diamond ring is surely a treasure from the past. Ornately embellished, the small beads give the diamond the perfect compliment to show off all its beautiful angles.

10. Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring Setting Platinum (1.05ct)

The past and the future collide in this stunning piece of jewellery. The modern platinum base is glamorously brought to life by the vintage looking “threads” that run along its edges. The opulent diamonds that pave the band and the one sitting on the crown are reminiscent of an elegant queen sitting on her majestic throne.

With this ring on her finger, you lady will definitely feel like royalty.

11. Vintage Diamond and Amethyst Gemstone Engagement Ring Setting in Genuine Platinum (1.46ct)

What do you get when you put a 1.46 carat diamond, an amethyst and platinum together in a filigree base? Give up? Flawless. Yes, you get a flawless engagement ring. The beauty of this ring is matchless. Refined to an impeccable finish, this is as close to transcendence as on can get.

The combination of clear, precision cut diamond and purple amethyst give this ring an elegant yet powerful look.

This one is definitely for the queen of your heart. Go ahead, place an order now.

12. Diamond Vintage Trellis Engagement Ring 1 1/5 CTW 14k White Gold

Engagement rings don’t come with more elegance than this. This bewitching ring takes simplicity to another level altogether. Simple yet fascinating. that’s what this ring is all about. Stunningly crafted 14 carat white gold base, mesmerizing 1.20 carat diamond and a glamourous paving gives this piece of art a magnetic finish. Despite having an average sized diamond on it, this engagement ring loooks and feels ritzy. It may not be as fancy as other engagement rings on the market but this ring oozes luxury.

Imagine with me for a moment. How will it look on your girlfriends finger?

13. Diamond Floral Engagement Ring 1 1/2 CTW 14k White Gold

This is the queens very own engagement ring. No, not really but it sure looks like a ring fit for a monarch. The rich ornate carvings and the opulent diamonds make this 1.5 carat diamond floral ring a much sought after gem. Of all vintage set engagement rings, this one takes the crown. The 14 carat white gold band adds to the rings antique look with its ultra polished finish.

If you have any doubts as to which engagement ring to take your relationship to the next level, lay those doubts aside, take out your card and go for this one. She will definitely love it.

Three Stone Setting

As you probably have noticed, engagement rings come in all shapes, sizes, colours and configurations. Just like the people who wear them. For those who want more dazzle on their fingers, a solitary set ring just won’t cut it.

Enter the three stone set engagement rings.

This type of engagement ring is becoming quite popular due to the fact that you can actually have different colours and combinations to enhance the beauty of the ring.

You may be wondering what the difference between cluster set engagement rings and three stone set rings but it’s really quite simple. With cluster set rings, all rings in the cluster are put together to make up one unit whereas in a three stone setting, the three stones are individuals.

Each stone in this set up is said to represent the past, present and future of the couples relationship. Usually the diamond is the central stone, symbolic of making the most of the present. The other two are usually coloured to represent the faded past and the unclear future.

Ready to look at some three stone (also known as trilogy) set engagement rings? Here we go.

14. 14k Gold Vintage Heirloom Three Stone Engagement Ring

In this stylish set up, ‘fashionista’ is the keyword. With an ultra modern appeal, this engagement ring boasts one main stone and two smaller ones that amplify the enchanting allure of the main stone. This ring is more appealing to the younger generation, especially those into fashion. It is for the trend setters.

This ring has irresistible character and flair that will not let let you down.

15. 18k Gold Round-cut Three-Stone Blue Diamond Engagement Ring (2 cttw, Blue, H-I, I1-I2) Size 4-9

This impressive dual color ring is blindingly impressive. This unique set up of a blue diamond flanked by two clear diamonds is certainly bound to attract admirers every where it goes. Finely polished gold, expertly crafted prongs and perfect choice of diamond six and color make this an instant hit.

Take her breath away with this stellar example of “pizazz”. If you are looking for the wow factor, this is it.

16. 14k Gold 3-Stone Round Cut Diamond Ring (1 1/4 cttw, G-H, VS2-SI1) Size 4-9

Another fashion statement of a ring is this one above. The contrast between the gold band and the sparkling diamonds makes this ring a head turner. The simple, smooth band amplifies the multi faceted stones that are set in it. Showcasing the handiwork of a skilled jeweller and the good taste of the buyer, this three stoner deserves to rank amongst the best engagement rings of our time.

17. Mark Broumand 2.15ct Pear Shaped Diamond Three-Stone Engagement Ring

These three pear shaped diamonds give this ring a spirited look. Its both sporty, bold and plucky. A perfect match for a lively bride to be. This Mark Broumand creation is a contemporary ring that says smart, elegant and saucy all in one package. Talking about the wearer of course.

This is another trendy ring suitable for any chic lady. Looking to give her that extra swag? This is it.

18. Three Stone Plus Princess Cut Diamond Ring in Sterling Silver (2 1/10 cttw, ( GH Color, I1 Clarity)

Wow! That’s the reaction she will get from her friends when they see this happening ring. If you are looking for that extra bling in a ring, this ring will certainly give you more bling for your buck. This cleverly designed 2.1 carat sensation is crafted in such a way as to look like one huge stone.

A pleasure to look at, it certainly will be a pleasure to parade for your wife to be. If you are looking for a symbol of your love, this ring will do the trick.

Channel Setting

Channel setting is a popular choice amongst engagement rings because it is one of the most secure ways to set smaller diamonds into the band. A channel is made in the band and the small stones are made put flush with the shank. The diamonds or gemstones, depending on which is used, are set closely together in grooves in the channel and either decorate the entire band or the selected parts.

This setting greatly enhances a rings sparkle even though the stones placed in the channel are often of inferior quality. Most channel set rings have no prongs and this makes them a favorite among women who live an active lifestyle. This is because with channel setting there is no risk of the ring snagging on clothes or other things.

Unfortunately though, channel set rings a more cumbersome when it comes to cleaning and general maintenance.

Again, some engagement rings are a combination of two ore more types of settings as we will see in the examples of channel set rings below.

19. 2.7 Ctw 14K White Gold GIA Certified Princess Cut Classic Channel Set Wedding Set Bridal Band & Diamond Engagement Ring, 2 Ct D-E VVS1-VVS2 Center

In the case of this ring, the channel is exquisitely set in two shanks 14 carat white gold shanks. As the diamonds sit flash with the shanks, they compliment each other with the white gold. The 2 carat gold perched on the two shanks is a well cut piece of natural beauty whose sparkle is boosted by the channel setting it has been mounted on.

20. 2.1 Ctw 14K White Gold GIA Certified Cushion Cut Antique / Vintage Style Channel Set Round Diamond Engagement Ring with Milgrain, 1.5 Ct D-E VS1-VS2 Center

Another piece that exudes royalty. This ring has channels with tiny stones on the edges of the shank that give this ring a different yet appealing look. Designed to give the ring a vintage look, these channels exemplify exceptional workmanship. This is one ring that will definitely compliment your beautiful lady’s finger.

21. 1.05 Ctw 14K White Gold GIA Certified Heart Cut Channel Set Eternity Curving Diamond Engagement Ring, 0.75 Ct D-E VVS1-VVS2 Center

When spectacular engagement rings become the topic of a conversation, this stunner should never be left out. The complex channels burrowed into the twisted split shanks are definitely worth talking about. As if that is not spectacular enough, the designer nestles an amazing heart shaped diamond that will spark conversations everywhere it goes.

22. 2.2 Ctw 14K White Gold GIA Certified Asscher Cut Channel Set Round Diamond Engagement Ring, 2 Ct D-E VS1-VS2 Center

Majestic is the only word that can come close to describing this sophisticated engagement ring. The design is really detailed with the smallest stroke producing profound effects. The main stone is one of the best cut diamonds I have ever seen, with its hypnotic lines. Perhaps it was designed to hypnotize the woman of your dreams into accepting your proposal.

23. 14k White Gold (HallMarked) Channel Set Princess and Round Anniversary Engagement Wedding Ring

Breath taking. Stunning. Exquisite. Attention grabbing. This beautiful ring is beyond descriptive words. The combination of channel and bar setting make it seem surreal. It’s hard to believe something so beautiful actually exists. Who can actually say no to such immaculate perfection.

No one would blame you if you stop reading at this point, take out your credit (or debit card) and order this amazing piece of art.

Cathedral Setting

The cathedral set type of engagement rings are those that have the band sloping up to the girdle of the center diamond. This usually gives the stone an elevated look, hence the name cathedral. Cathedral set rings can come with in combination with other styles such as prong, solitaire, pave, split shank and whatever other style that meets your fancy.

Their strong point is their elegance and flair. The floating look of the diamond as it rests above the band leads one to think of a dignified swan in flight.

This is one ring that has little or no draw backs at all. Elegance, style, simplicity, it has them all. When it comes to cleaning and maintenance, it is also easy to live with.

Ready to go the Cathedral way?

24. 14k Gold Double Halo Diamond Engagement Ring Cathedral Style, French Pave Set in 14k Two Tone Gold

When it comes to combinations, no other combination can beat the cathedral/pave combo. This combination makes maximum use of surface area as most of the space on the ring has a glittering stone on it. The raised cluster in which the main stone rests looks like one massive diamond, lending the ring a rather awe inspiring demeanor.

This is a true epitome of class and opulence.

25. Women’s Preset Round-Cut Diamond Cathedral Style Engagement Ring in 14k White Gold (1.00 carat)

Unlike the previous cathedral, this one is more down to earth. With a smaller center piece and semi paved band, this is a ring for those who don’t want to attract attention to themselves. don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying this ring is not worth a second look. On the contrary. The appeal of this ring is its simplicity. As they say, sometimes less is more, and in this case that statement is true.

This is one of those engagement rings that are more suited to women who live an active lifestyle. Its simplicity allows one to be able to use their hands without second thought of damage coming to the ring.

If your fiancée leads an active lifestyle, this is definitely a ring to consider.

26. 14k Gold Vintage Style Cathedral Engagement Ring Bridal Set (2.50ct)

Cathedral and Vintage, now that’s a combination worth talking about. Both with roots in ages past, they compliment each other perfectly. The 2.5 carat diamonds set in a 14 carat gold cathedral style base is a sure fire way to get the much coveted “yes” you are looking for.

Coupled with the second band for more “sparkle”, this is one ring worth celebrating the next level of your relationship.

27. Vintage Style Cathedral Diamond Engagement Ring Palladium (2.33ct)

When diamonds meet a super shiny metal like palladium, be sure to expect fireworks. This ring does not shine, it explodes. Its brightness is beyond expression or explanation. Though this is a combination of vintage and cathedral, it could pass as a ring from the future, or from another planet.

The way it reflects light is outstanding. Looking at it brings a certain thrill and excitement. This is the ring to purchase if you are looking to impress your fiancée (and her parents).

If I were to describe this ring in one word, that word would be: “phenomenal”.

28. 14k Gold Cathedral Double Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Another breath taking example of craftsmanship. A double halo on a cathedral structure is always a winning combination. Add some diamond paving and it’s engagement ring nirvana. This piece is particularly impressive as the gold setting accentuates the diamonds encrusted and set on it. The halo gives it that refined finish that is hard to find anywhere.

This massive ring has definitely earned it’s place amongst the best engagement rings of all time. Though not strongly recommended for an active woman, it wouldn’t hurt to spoil her with it.

Halo Setting

So called because of the center stone being encircled by a collection of pave diamonds or other gemstomes. This circle around the stone is the halo.

The halo setting gives the center stone and ultimately the whole ring a larger look than it really is. Whether the halo is made up of diamonds or other kinds of gemstones, halo set engagement rings always look amazing. With many ways of customizing this kind of setting, choices become many.

Initially, halo set engagement rings only had one halo. But as innovation and skill have increased with time, double and even triple halos are becoming more common. Each halo makes the ring look bigger. If you have a small center stone, you can drastically increase its “size” by adding more halos.

The usual question that is asked concerning halos is, “which is better between a paved shank and a plain shank?” The answer depends on two factors:

Preference. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder as they say. If you like paved, go for it. If you like simple and plain, then go for that.

Practicality. As we age, our knuckles get bigger, leading to difficulty in removing the ring and putting it back on. This usually means at some stage in the future the ring will have to be resized. In this case, a plain shank will be better as it is easier to resize.

Enough talking, lets admire some halo engagement rings. Perhaps you might find one that suits your soon to be better half.

29. 14k Gold Unique Diamond Double Halo Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Set 4.25ctw by Luxurman

Say that again? I thought you would say that. Amazing indeed. This is one of those out of this world engagement rings that will cause those around you lady to drool.

Actually, amazing is an understatement for this ring.

Besides its overall beauty, the other wow factor about this ring is the size of the center stone. Amazing right? The actual center is a small cluster of stones surrounded by two halos. But at first glance the entire ring looks like it’s made of one big stone. That’s the power of the halo effect.

Halos always produce that wow factor that can’t be found anywhere else.

30. 2.06 Ctw 14K White Gold GIA Certified Round Cut Square Halo Diamond Engagement Ring, 1.5 Ct G-H VVS1-VVS2 Center

Just when I thought halos can’t get any better! This striking single halo with 2.06 carat diamonds will surely make her girlfriends envious. The intricately designed pavers, small as they are, are as beautiful as the main stone itself. To add to its intriguing beauty, this ring is encircled by a square halo that gives it a sophisticated symmetrical look.

31. 2.2 Ctw 14K White Gold GIA Certified Cushion Cut Double Row Baguette and Round Halo Diamond Engagement Ring, 1.5 Ct G-H I1

Now this is the way to express your undying love and eternal commitment to your soon to be wife. The unique design of the double halo is so symbolic of your unique love for each other. I particularly love this design as it showcases the versatility of the majestic diamond. This is the quintessential ring.

32. Diamond Halo Engagement Ring in 10K Gold (1 1/4 cttw) (I-Color, SI3-I1 Clarity)

Another example of less is more is seen in this single halo 1.25 carat diamond ring. For those who prefer simplistic engagement rings, don’t over look this shiny beauty. Though the center stone is big and glamorous enough to be mounted alone the designer saw that a halo would enhance the charm of this ring. This is another ring I would highly recommended for the active ladies. Though the stone looks to be on the bigger side, it is actually made to look so by the halo around it.

33. 18k White Gold 3-Stone Cushion Halo Engagement Ring (5 cttw, J-K, VS1-VS2)

I deliberately left this halo for last. This is a beautiful three stones in a halo setting. The two beautiful fiery stones flanking the center piece give this ring a kind of mystical gypsy look. it’s like fire and ice side by side. This one is for those who are bold enough to break the mould. Those who wish to be as unique as the ring itself.

Pave Setting

Pronounced “pa-vay” from the french word that means “to pave”, this type of ring has its shanks “paved” in diamonds. Small diamonds are closely set together in the band so as to make it look like a glittering paved “road”. This effect is achieved by “pulling” beads from the band and sticking small diamonds on them or by soldering the diamonds onto the band. This makes it look as if the the small diamonds are all one piece.

Pave is one of the most popular settings for engagement rings due to the intensity of the light it reflects. It gives the ring a look of sheer brilliance. Whether the diamonds are paved onto yellow or white gold, platinum or any other metal, the outcome is always astounding.

Pave set rings are the best choice if you are looking for a lot of sparkle at a resonable price.

The one major draw back of this exquisite piece of jewellery is its vulnerability to damage. With so many pieces having to be put together, it’s quite easy for one to become loose. Once that happens it becomes a matter of time before the domino effect goes into play with more becoming lose.

As you consider taking the journey of a life time with your fiancée, why not take a “pa-vay-ed” road?

34. 1.5 CTW Classic Side Stone Pave Set Diamond Engagement Ring w/ 1.2 Ct GIA Certified Cushion Cut E Color VS2 Clarity Center

Exuding elegance, this pave (remember to pronounce it as “pa-vay”) set ring is a timeless classic. You can never go wrong with it as it has won the love and admiration of women all over the world. This incredibly beautiful ring is a worthy way of confirming your commitment to the woman of your dreams.

35. 1.9 CTW Contemporary Channel Set Princess And Pave Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring w/ 1 Ct GIA Certified Round Cut I Color VS2 Clarity Center

This is pave on another level all together. Set on a brilliant band, this ring has maximum surface area to reflect light as the edges are exposed. With some classical attributes and characteristics this ring is certainly a show stopper.

36. 1.61 CTW Designer Popular Halo Style Baguette And Pave Set Round Diamond Engagement Ring w/ 0.81 Ct GIA Certified Princess Cut E Color VVS2 Clarity Center

This beautiful stone with a halo is the definition of exquisite. The halo has a unique paving design that immediately catches the eye. This time around, the band is paved with slightly bigger than normal diamonds that gives the ring a robust appearance.

This is a highly desired engagement ring and it’s no wonder why.

37. 1.05 Ctw 14K White Gold GIA Certified Princess Cut Victorian Halo Style Square Shaped Pave Set Round Diamond Engagement Ring, 0.75 Ct D-E VVS1-VVS2 Center

This vintage pave is another timeless classic that is still popular across all age ranges. Spanning from the Victorian era, the design is versatile and timeless. For those ladies without a set dress style, this will be the best bet as it can look good with any type and color of clothing.

Simplicity, style and sophistication meet in this pave set engagement ring, making it a sensational choice.

38. 1.27 CTW Infinity Twisting Split Shank Pave Set Round Diamonds Engagement Ring w/ 1 Ct GIA Certified Cushion Cut E Color VS1 Clarity Center

This triple combination of split shank, prong and pave is an out of this world beauty. It actually looks like two people embracing, especially when you focus on on the paved and the non paved shanks. The warm glow it exudes is reason enough to purchase it. Go ahead, warm her heart with this exquisite beauty.

Tension Setting

For those looking to purchase a unique, close to exclusive ring, look no further than the tension set engagement rings.

With tension set rings, the diamond (or other type of gemstone), is held in place by pressure rather than bezels, prongs or other conventional mounting method. In this case the metal setting is spring loaded to exert pressure onto the gemstone. Tiny grooves are made in the metal to provide a “shelf” on which the gemstone’s edges can rest.

This kind of setting looks like magic as the gemstone seems to be suspended in mid air.

Tension set rings are not just unique in looks but also in the way they are manufactured and sold. Unlike other rings that are manufactured then sold to customers, tension set rings are sold first before they are manufactured. Confusing I know. The main reason for this is that tension set rings can not be resized easily. This is because resizing the ring will negatively affect the spring loading effect that holds the stone in place.

Whenever a tension set ring has to be resized, the jeweller actually melts the old setting and moulds another appropriately sized tension setting. Although generally speaking, most tension set rings can be resized by 2 sizes and still maintain their proper pressure.

While all other settings can be manufactured ahead of time, this is not so with the tension setting. Each tension setting is specifically designed for a specific stone. This is what gives tension set engagement rings their exclusivity. No two can ever be exactly the same.

Another interesting point to note about tension set rings is that only four (yes, 4) types of stones can be used, namely: diamonds, sapphires, rubies and moissanite. This is for the simple reason these are the four types of stones that can with stand the pressure exerted by the setting on the stone. Other stones would break.

Want to join this exclusive club of tension set engagement rings? Follow me.

39. 14k Gold Ladies Tension Set, Twisted Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring, Bypass Style

No wonder they are also called magical rings! The way the diamond is held in place by the setting is nothing short of magical. Suspended in the air, this stone is bound to turn heads. Best be careful though, they just might accuse you and your siren of witchcraft.

40. 14k White Gold 1.70 Carats Princess Cut Tension Set Diamond Engagement Ring

This is another show stopper of an engagement ring. With a centre stone held by the tension setting and a bit of paving on the sides, this ring is nothing short of glamorous. Again, tension set rings are unique, and this one definitely fits the mould.

41. 18k Yellow Gold 2.73 Carats Round Tension Set Diamond Engagement Ring

Welcome to club exclusive. This one of a kind tension ring just oozes of individuality. If your lady doesn’t like being part of the crowd, then set her apart by getting her this tension set ring. Set on a golden backdrop, the diamonds are able to fully express their brilliance.

Diamond Solitaire Tension Two Stone Ring Platinum (1.00ct)

As if holding one stone in suspension is not magical enough, this ring goes a step further and suspends two diamonds in the air. This 1 carat diamond set in a platinum band is too die for. It gushes of sophistication.

Solitaire Tension Set Diamond Engagement Ring Palladium (0.90ct)

This 0.9 carat solitaire diamond in the grip of a palladium setting is a spectacle to behold. As unique as they come, this will definitely the pride of her life. After you of course.

Prong Setting

If you are looking for classic, elegant and stylish engagement rings, then the Prong setting is the perfect choice. A single (solitary) diamond held by wire prongs in a vice like grip showcases the beauty and elegance of the gem by giving it maximum visibility. It’s beauty is enhanced by light as it has more surface area to shine on and bounce off.

Though a prong can hold more than one gem, in our case I will highlight the solitaire prong set engagement rings. This is because amongst the other set types we have seen, there have been some prongs with multiple stones in their grip.

Here are 5 Prong Set engagement rings for you to consider.

42. 1/2 – 2 Carat GIA Certified Platinum Solitaire Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Ring (D-E Color, VVS1-VVS2 Clarity)

Simple yet oozing character, this 4 Prong engagement ring will definitely take your bride to be’s breath away. The oval cut diamond effectively captures light and brilliantly reflects it in a way that would make the moon envious. For simple elegance with strong character, this is one of those engagement rings that always over deliver.

43. 2.33 Carat Round Cut Designer Four Prong Round Diamond Engagement Ring (I-J Color,I2 Clarity)

This exquisite engagement ring is sure to grab attention. It’s intricate design boldy makes a statement that can’t be ignored: “I’m unique”. Your gal will certainly feel extra special with this baby clinging to her finger. This piece is as unique as engagement rings come.

This 2.33 carat diamond nestled between four prongs on an intricately adorned band is the product of sophisticated design and expert craft-manship. Few engagement rings pay as much attention to detail as this one, making it the perfect ring for those who enjoy the finer things of life.

44. 1 1/2 Carat Round Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring Platinum 6 Prong (J, VS1-VS2, 1.5 c.t.w) Ideal Cut

If you are looking for an engagement ring that’s simple yet amazing, this 11/2 carat diamond prong is sure to amaze without being to flashy. The platinum prongs and band provide the perfect setting for this stone to show of it’s mesmerizing cut. Like a shiny snake skin, it forces the eyes to fixate on it’s magical colors. She definitely won’t be able to resist it’s imposing presence.

Few engagement rings can match the allure of this multi faceted diamond held by an equally remarkable platinum band. Go ahead, give it a shot. You will certainly give your love a thrill.

45. 2 Carat GIA Certified 14K Yellow Gold Solitaire Heart Cut Diamond Engagement Ring (D-E Color, VVS1-VVS2 Clarity)

What better way to communicate your undying love than this heart shaped diamond? Nestled in a 14 carat gold setting, this 2 carat symbol of love will is bound to elicit a yes when you pop the question. If all engagement rings were created equal, this one would still be a cut above the rest. The sharp contrast between the stone and the golden setting make the diamond “pop” out in such a way it’s hard to ignore.

46. GIA Certified 18K Yellow Gold Radiant Cut Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring (3.01 Carat K Color VS1 Clarity)

Majestic looking, this is one of those engagement rings that makes one feel like royalty. From the four corners of the stone, to the golden band, this ring is bound to get the wearer noticed. The dazzling 3.01 carat rock with VS1 clarity is a stunning master piece that commands attention.

Well there you have it. A line up of the best wedding rings this side of the solar system. Seen any you fancy for your girl? Great! Hope you realised that the descriptions of the ring (in blue) are links that will take you to an Amazon page where you can purchase the ring that tickled your fancy.

Tips For Picking The Perfect Engagement Ring

Picking an engagement ring is not at all like picking a pair of socks. Engagement rings, like the diamonds they carry, are meant to last forever. To help you navigate these treacherous waters, here are a few tips for picking that unique ring that will stand out amongst all other engagement rings.

Her Dress Style

Is she a simple dresser or a flashy dresser? What kind of jewellery does she like? Get her an engagement ring that will compliment her wardrobe and other jewellery. If your lady prefers loud clothes to reserved garments, then ignore the simple and sophisticated variety of engagement rings and go for the “in your face” type of ring.

Taking a cue from her wardrobe will also show that you notice and care about her preferences. FYI, ladies like to know that they are being noticed.

Your Budget

You don’t have to break the bank when it comes to purchasing an engagement ring. You can find very good ones in all budget ranges. You can actually save a whopping 20% by buying just below the next carat. For example, buying a 1.8 carat ring instead of a 2 carat one will save you approximately 20% without compromising the looks of the ring.

Though a bone of contention amongst many couples, budget is an important factor when it comes to doing anything significant. The best way to ensure that budget doesn’t meddle with your choice of engagement ring is to plan ahead and start saving early.

Her Lifestyle

If she leads an active lifestyle, less cumbersome engagement rings will allow her to be active without having to worry about the ring getting in the way. For example, it would be impractical to buy a large ring for a person who is into contact sports (like boxing) or other activities that need a lot of handwork (like mountain climbing). If her lifestyle is more relaxed, then you may look into the larger selection of engagement rings.

Spy On Her

Yes, you read that right. Spy on her. Take strategic walks past jewellery shops and observe the ones that catch her fancy. If the opportunity is available, take a peek into her jewellery box and see which type is predominant.

You don’t have to be James Bond (as much as you may wish you were) to spy on her, neither do you have to be Austin Powers (God forbid). All you have to do is observe her and deduce her taste in jewellery.

Measure Her Finger

Not really but your girlfriend’s finger size and shape do determine the type of ring you will get. For example, a thin single bad won’t show itself well on chubby fingers. It will be better to get a split shank or clustered ring. If budget permits, look at engagement rings that have large stones.

You don’t have to take a tape measure to measure her finger. All you have to do is carefully observe her fingers and take not of the shape and size. You can also be creative and play a game where you tie her finger with a string or ribbon. Of course, special agent that you are, you will note and mark her finger size in the process.


This is a last resort and only if you don’t want to surprise her. A simple ask will guarantee that you get her an engagement ring she loves. With the myriad of engagement rings out there, the chances of picking one she doesn’t like are very high. Knowing that an engagement ring is something she will probably wear for the rest of her life, sometimes it’s better to do the selecting together.

The answers to these questions will point you in the right direction to eliminating all other engagement rings and settling for “the one”.

Help Her Take Care Of Her Ring

For many women, the engagement ring is their most prized possession. Besides their monetary value, engagement rings carry more than their weight (in carats of course) of sentimental value. This is why taking care of the engagement ring is very important. Sure maintenance is so simple she can do it herself, but it would add more value to the ring if you helped her clean it once in a while.

Don’t know how? No sweat man, I got your back. let’s get to it shall we.

Insure The Ring

Since engagement rings are expensive, it is wise to insure them against damage, theft or loss. Though insurance can not replace the sentimental value, it counts for something to get a replacement ring if it gets lost or destroyed.

Take The Ring To a Jeweller For Polishing

Contrary to popular belief, warm water and soap won’t do your ring much good. I would suggest (ever so strongly) that you take it to a professional jeweller for steam cleaning.

Remind Her To Take It Off When Using Harsh Chemicals

Cleaning agents like bleach and other soaps can rob a ring of its lustre. As for colored gemstones, cleaning agents can actually weaken them as the gemstones are porous. Concentrated cleaning agents can seep in and erode them inside and out.

Get Her A Matching Necklace

What does this have to do with ring maintenance? A lot more than you can imagine. Due to the delicacy of engagement rings, it is very important that they be taken off when one is doing some things that may require the ring to be taken off. Take gardening for example. Gardening with an engagement ring on is a sure application for its destruction.

It is at times like these that the matching necklace will come in handy. When she takes off the engagement ring, what better place to keep it safe than to hang it on the necklace?

Believe me now? A matching necklace with the ring it is then, I hope.

We’ve Come Full Circle

Yes, you are ready. The fact that you have read this far is testament to that. Well you know what? She is also ready and waiting for you to pop the big question

Now that, you have seen how significant an engagement ring is and the different types and styles available, why not scroll back up and take another look at the selection of rings we have curated for you and pick one. These are some of the best engagement rings on the market and you certainly can’t go wrong with them. And remember, engagement rings, just like your relationship, require proper care.

Happy engagement.

Engagement Rings

We highly recommend any of these choices, but you can also check out some of our other great picks, right here.