20 Clever Ways To Use Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Most of us think of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) as something healthy that can be added to meals or drizzled over salads. And while the monounsaturated fats found EVOO are great for these purposes, there are quite a few more uses for this heart-healthy oil.

Today we will cover 20 uncommon ways you may not have thought of to use EVOO around the house, on your skin and even on doors (seriously!). So read on and find out which of these ways you could try!

1. Use Extra Virgin Olive Oil for a Soothing Bath

While most of us usually think of bubble bath or other natural products, extra virgin olive oil works very well as a soothing bath additive. Add a few tablespoons the next time you are soaking, and feel the difference when you get out! You will be more refreshed and your skin will feel slightly smoother.

2. As a Face Exfoliator

There are many ways to use EVOO on your skin, but exfoliating might be one of the best ways. After the olive oil, you may want to use salt as well, before you rinse off. Some people also recommend sugar, but this is a personal choice, not a requirement. Your skin will feel shiny and smooth after the dead skin cells have been scraped away. Warning: you may also smell and taste delicious!

3. Get Smooth Hair with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Once again, there are a multitude of ways to use EVOO on your hair, but one of the best is to eliminate frizzy ends and pat down the crazy out of control strands that sometimes occur. Combing just a little bit through your hair will also add a nice shine and coat – making your hair look better too. Win-win!

4. Shine Your Shoes

Interestingly, that same shine on your hair can be applied to your shoes, as well. Take a little olive oil and use it as shoe polish the next time your loafers are looking run down. Obviously you’ll want to check the type of material you are working with, to make sure olive oil won’t damage or stain your shoes.

5. Natural Shaving Cream

Olive oil can go just about anywhere on the body, and besides its natural moisturizing properties, it works as a good shaving cream especially for those with sensitive skin. Again, you’ll get the delicious benefits of the smell of the oil, along with the sleek, smooth skin afterwards. If you’ve never tried this particular method before, I recommend giving it a try, as you may be surprised how nice it is to shave with EVOO, especially when compared with harsh artificial shaving creams.

6. On Your (Baby’™s) Butt

Yes, you read that correctly! Olive oil can be used to help fight diaper rash. Since EVOO is rich in vitamin E and other antioxidants, it helps to combat many different kinds of inflammation and irritation.

7. Preserving Foods with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

That’s right – you can preserve your foods with extra virgin olive oil! Whether it’s veggies or even your own meats, EVOO works well. And if you are buying some wild-caught tuna, make sure it’s packed in EVOO – water or soy is not ideal.

8. Silence Squeaky Doors

Do you have an annoying hinge that always squeaks? Guess what may be able to help? That’s right – extra virgin olive oil. Get a paper towel or other oil-absorbing material, and dab a little bit of EVOO on it. Then, rub the top of the hinge and listen, as that annoying squeak is no longer there to bug you!

9. Rub Extra Virgin Olive Oil on Dry Feet

Make sure you have a fresh pair of socks for this one, and rub some olive oil on your feet right before bed. Any dryness or cracks will be improved, as the moisturizing properties of the EVOO will work wonders!

10. On Your Lips

The same moisturizing effects that olive oil has on your skin and feet also works wonders for your lips. If you’re anything like me, you may have to carry around a permanent stick of lip balm to keep your mouth from looking like a children’s birthday party clown (especially in the winter). A little dab of olive oil can serve the same purpose – but be careful. You may be much hungrier throughout the day, as a result!

11. On Acne

Remember the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of EVOO that I mentioned earlier? That’s right – these properties will work in favor of healing your acne, too! Start with small amounts, and make sure your skin responds favorably. If this works for you, you have also just simplified your weekly shopping list, as you will no longer need to buy acne creams, gels, etc.!

12. Make DIY Soap

If you like to save money, this may be a good use for you! Using a mixture of fat you may have purchased or saved, add an equal amount of olive oil and let sit. Soap made with EVOO may take longer to cure, and this is by no means a comprehensive guide to making soap. So if you are interested in this process, consult a more thorough guide.

13. Moisturize Cuticles

Did you know that you can even use extra virgin olive oil on your nails? That’s right, extra virgin olive oil works as an effective moisturizer for your cuticles. A simple fix to one of life’s annoying little problems!

14. Give Someone a Sensual Massage

If you mix extra virgin olive oil with other oils (coconut or jojoba), you can make a nice, healthy massage oil. Of course, you don’t have to limit the massage to others – feel free to give yourself a nice rubdown! The vitamin E in the EVOO will work wonders as an antioxidant, and your skin will be renewed and fresh afterwards.

15. As a Total-Body Moisturizer

In case you haven’t been paying enough attention, extra virgin olive oil works wonders as a moisturizer all over the body. It even works in the shower! However, this is a very important point to remember, as many people are very sensitive to artificial and harsh ingredients, which are very common in mass-market brands. EVOO is a good, more natural, solution.

16. On Your Sunburn

In summer, the opportunity and likelihood of incurring sunburn is much greater. EVOO can help with this, too. Oleocanthal is a phenolic compound found in extra virgin olive oil, and it may even help prevent some forms of cancer (though the research is still being done). Another awesome use for the green stuff!

17. On Paint

We have all likely had the unfortunate event of helping a friend paint their house or apartment, only to notice we now have paint all over our arms and hands! Did you know that extra virgin olive oil can help remove this pesky paint? Dab on your skin, let sit for a few minutes, and then wash off. Say goodbye forever to those awkward turquoise spots on your hands!

18. Banish Dandruff

Okay, admittedly this one may take getting used to. But for those that suffer from dandruff, a cure is very much sought after. By simply putting a little bit of EVOO in your hair, and letting it sit for 5 minutes, you will cut down on your dandruff drastically.

19. DIY Makeup Remover

Ditch expensive makeup removers and use EVOO instead. Simply dab some on a cotton ball and wipe away any makeup on your face. It’s a healthier, more natural way to do it and saves you money.

20. As a Facial Mask

Since we’ve covered the benefits of EVOO on acne, and its exfoliating properties, it’s important to realize that EVOO can also be used on a regular basis as a simple face mask. Though I am writing this from a male perspective with no experience in face masks, the vitamin E and antioxidant qualities which are so wonderful inside our body, will work very well on the outside of your body as well. That is because skin is actually the largest organ in your body!

In The End€¦

I hope youâ’™ve enjoyed these 20 uncommon uses for extra virgin olive oil – I know I learned a thing or two! So make sure you go home and use this potent antioxidant on many different things – whether it’s in your salad or on your dandruff.

In this modern world, we can tend to forget the many diverse uses common household oils may have. Save yourself some money, and learn to be more resourceful with your EVOO!

This article originally appeared on PaleoHacks.