Bone Broth: Super Food, Or Super Hoax?

as to what exactly bone broth is. Stock, bouillon, consommé, brodo, broth — what exactly is the difference? Most people think they’re all the same thing. This is decidedly not true, however. By starting with the bones of an animal (grassfed and organic makes a huge difference here) you will get the most nutrients in your bone broth – almost all store bought brands lack this key sourcing.

In addition, a long cooking time will help break the bones down, releasing nutrients and minerals, and also helping to ease digestion of nutrient-rich collagen, gelatin, and glucosamine (all found within bone broth). This is another key difference when it comes to other, similar forms of this super food. Make no mistake – bone broth is king here. And 99% of store-bought versions contain MSG or other chemicals. These “broths” lack gelatin and lots of the other healthful properties of the best broth.

Why Should I Consume It?

So what exactly are the benefits of high quality bone broth? For starters, well-made broth will have an amazing taste. But the real draw here, is the high quality source of minerals, and a big immune system boost. One of the best benefits of high mineral content, is that the calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus found within the best broth is fantastic for tooth and bone health. Bone broth also helps your hair, skin, joints and nails. Another huge health benefit is bone broth’s ability to help aid in those with digestive issues. Bone broth is also hugely beneficial for helping to heal a “leaky gut”.

Is It For Me?

With a long tradition of use throughout different countries (why do you think mothers recommend chicken soup when you are ill?) bone broth is a tried and true remedy for just about everyone. It is decidedly not a hoax, though with all this press coverage, it is easy to be skeptical. The key here, is to differentiate between poor quality “broth” found in most stores, and the good stuff. While it is quite possible to make high quality bone broth yourself, if you are anything like me, you don’t necessarily always have time to cook bones for 24 hours.

Should I Make My Own, Or Buy It?

While I avoid 99% of all pre-made brands like the plague, the only one I will actually use is Bone Broths Co. Why? Quite simply, it is the only bone broth in the world which is USDA-certified organic, cooked for 24+ hours, and is made entirely from the bones of grassfed cows. Honestly, that’s enough for me, but on top of that, they offer low (sometimes free!) shipping costs, and a long shelf life. This is the only way to go if you don’t want to make bone broth yourself.

What Are Some Of The Best Health Benefits?

Besides all the benefits of bone broth which I’ve already listed,  the best broth is high in vitamin A, and will also contain glycosaminoglycans (GAGs). What are glycosaminoglycans? They are natural heteropolysaccharides that are present in every mammalian tissue. They are also key players in cancer cell biology and treatment. This is why you shouldn’t buy store bought broth, since these will likely be completely devoid of beneficial nutrients and glycosaminoglycans.

Bottom Line: Healthy? Or Hoax?

So why do some people still think bone broth is a hoax? Well, it is likely simply due to a lack of knowledge about the true health benefits of well-crafted broth, as well as the media’s hype surrounding it. No, bone broth won’t solve all of your ills if you have a terrible diet and lifestyle. But when you consume high quality bone broth in addition to a good diet and lifestyle, it can be the key ingredient which pushes you to completely amazing health!


If you’d like to make your own bone broth, make sure you check out this awesome guide from Wellness Mama. If you want to buy your bone broth, again, the only good option is Bone Broths Co. Personally, I like to make my own when I have the time (which is increasingly rare) but most of the time I do indeed buy my broth. Hopefully this article answered all your questions about bone broth. Be sure to consume some every week, and share the gift of health by telling your friends!