Review: “Paleo Grilling”

There are a plethora of paleo cookbooks on the market today, and it can be tough to choose which ones are worth your time and money. Paleo Grilling by Tony Federico is unique because it offers a take on how to grill your paleo foods (keep in mind grilling is not the healthiest way to cook things, but c’est la vie). I will admit that I had not thought of many of these ideas prior to reading this book, and I commend Tony on putting out an original product here.

Chef James Phelan worked with Tony on the recipes, and the end results are fantastic. One added bonus is also the information Tony includes about our past and man’s intrinsic connection to fire. But the main course here (pun fully intended) is the recipes. And oh¦the recipes! I was a fan of grilling to begin with, but with all these recipes in my arsenal, I now (somewhat brazenly) bare the extreme cold of winter to run outside and grill! One of my personal favorite recipes included here is the grilled flank steak with escalivada and chimichurri. Just amazingly succulent and delicious.

If you’re a paleo alcoholic (read: moderate drinker) you’ll be happy to know that many of these recipes go well with Robb Wolf’s (in)famous NorCal margaritas. And if you caught that one Seinfeld episode where George spoke of eating an ostrich burger, today is your lucky day. Tony has interestingly included a recipe for grilled ostrich flank (with blackberry-blood orange sauce). I think what truly stands out about this mix of recipes though, is its multi-cultural (and spicy!) approach.

In fact, I think this book may even serve another (albeit likely unintended) purpose. And that is as a way to get your friends and family to start eating paleo. A delicious grilled steak is hard to turn down, and you can slowly ease them in to the idea of eating healthier by using recipes from this book. Win-win.

And if I need to do any more arm-twisting to get you, dear reader, to buy this book, the chunky chocolate banana pops should convince you.

Hungry now? I thought so. So the next time you have a gathering, or if you just want to cook a nice, juicy grassfed steak grab a copy of this book  and get going!

Paleo Grilling is available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and IndieBound.